President and Chairman: Dr. Arlie O. Petters
Vice President for Finance and Operations & Legal Counsel: Elizabeth A. Petters

Director of Education and Outreach, The Bioversity Center of Belize at PRI: Marissa Bellino
Director of Research, The Bioversity Center of Belize at PRI: Stephen Harris
Director of Mayan Mathematics and Astronomy Programs: Dr. Marcus Werner

Chief Editor: Dr. J. Stanley Absher
Chief Economist: Dr. Samuel Malone

Liaison Officers:

Scientific Advisory Board

N. Attoh-Okine, Ph.D. C. Keeton, Ph.D. A. Petters, Ph.D., Chair
F. Boadu, Ph.D. A. Layton,Ph.D. E. Rasiel, Ph.D.
C. Castillo-Chavez, Ph.D. H. Layton, Ph.D. P. Schechter, Ph.D.
J. Forbes, Ph.D. S. Malone, Ph.D. W. Soboyejo, Ph.D.
S. Frittelli, Ph.D. W. Massey, Ph.D. D. Spergel, Ph.D.
H. Gao, Ph.D. H. Moore, Ph.D. M. Werner, Ph.D.
J. Harer, Ph.D. P. Natarajan, Ph.D. T. Witelski, Ph.D.
S. Iyer, Ph.D. E. Newman, Ph.D. Y. Yu, Ph.D.

L. Harris-Thurton, M.S. A. Lewis, Ph.D. L. Zabaneh, Ph.D.

IT Advisory Board
A. Schretter, M.A. L. Stewart, M.B.A. Y. Yu, Ph.D. P. Zamora, M.A.