PRI Summer Academy students, Cleopatra Cuevas (left) and Angel Sabal (right), reciting poetry

Scholarships (since 2007)

  • Elodie and Stephen Harris Junior College Scholarship

    Stephen Harris is a PhD candidate studying Evolutionary Biology at The Graduate Center of the City University of New York. He is passionate about science and education, and has a strong interest in providing students with access to scientific research and opportunities in biological conservation.
    Elodie Dupuy, works as an investment professional in technology-focused venture capital. She spends a majority of her time working in South America and developing nations, and is passionate about helping the youth of these countries access higher education to pursue their dreams. She and Stephen Harris are married.

    The current scholarship was awarded to Juana Meza, who is attending Saint John's Junior College (Belize City).
  • Gaylor G. Allen II High School Scholarship

    Gaylor G. Allen II loved the arts and music. He never had the opportunity to go to high school because he died in an accident at age nine, but he would have been so happy to know a high school scholarship is in his memory.

    The scholarship was awarded to Adadiche Ejike, who is a science major at Ecumenical High School (Dangriga).
  • The Dr. J. Stanley Absher High School Scholarship

    John Stanley Absher, Ph.D., is Senior Manager of records management at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina and Executive Editor at the Petters Research Institute. As JS Absher, he has published two collections of poetry-The Burial of Anyce Shepherd (Main Street Rag, 2006) and Night Weather (Cynosura, 2010).

    The current scholarship winner is Cindy Espinal, who is a science major at Ecumenical High School (Dangriga).
  • Dr. Barbara Morrison-Rodriguez High School Scholarships

    Dr. Barbara Morrison-Rodriguez, is the President and CEO of BMR Consulting, LLC. Her consulting is primarily with non-profit organizations and foundations in the Southeastern United States, as well as with Federal agencies such as the Health Resources Services Administration (HRSA) and its grantee programs. She is a certified performance reviewer for HRSA's Office of Performance Review. Her areas of expertise are program evaluation, strategic planning, strategic grant making and program development.

    The current scholarship winners are Lemuel Clark and Leslie Solis, who are attending Ecumenical High School in Dangriga. The past Ecumenical scholarships were awarded to Juana Meza and Araine Muschamp .
  • The Boris Zeleniak Junior College Scholarship

    Boris Zeleniak approached life with integrity, curiosity, and immense appreciation for knowledge, science, technology, engineering, and music. He saw education as the cornerstone for opportunity. This scholarship is sponsored by the Zeleniak Family.

    The present scholarship winner is Juana Meza, who is studying biochemistry at Saint John's Junior College (Belize City).
  • Dr. Marcus Werner High School and Junior College Scholarships

    Dr. Marcus Werner is a mathematical physicist who serves on the Scientific Advisory Board of PRI. He has a passion for ancient history and a strong interest in service to the developing world.

    The current junior college scholarship recipient is Araine Muschamp, who is specializing in tourism. The past high school scholarships were awarded to Lemuel Clark and Leslie Solis.
  • Dr. George McLendon Junior College Scholarship

    Dr. George McLendon is the Provost of Rice University, a scientist, and an entrepreneur.

    This scholarship was awarded to Brittany Meighan, who attended Saint John's Junior College (Belize City).
  • Alfonso L. Petters Memorial High School Scholarship

    These scholarships were awarded to Edwin Rodriguez of Ecumenical High School (Dangriga), Sarah Mohabir of Ecumenical High School (Dangriga), and Brittany Meighan of Saint Catherine's Academy (Belize City).

    The Alfonso L. Petters Memorial Scholarship donors:
        Karen and James Belfield
        Otis Jackson
        Jean Pennell
        Arlie Petters
        Velina and Cecil Petters
        Curtis White
        Ethel White
        Richard White
        Robby White
  • Dr. Barbara Morrison-Rodriguez Junior College Scholarship and ACT/SAT Training Grant

    The scholarship recipient was Rhyan Welch of Wesley Junior College (WJC) in Belize City. Rhyan pursued General Studies at WJC. He attended Queen Street Baptist Primary School and Wesley High School (Belize City). Rhyan's long term goal is to have an impact on the development of Belize. The grant portion of the award sponsors an ACT/SAT training course for needy students and covers the ACT/SAT exam fees for the students.
  • Mario S. Robinson Memorial Primary School Scholarship

    This scholarship was awarded by Marion J. Hunte-Robinson, who is the founder and Director of Our Little Angels Day Care in Rochester, New York. She gave this scholarship in memory of her son Mario, who died at a young age. The scholarship was awarded to eight needy students at the Muslim Community Primary School in Belize City.

Previous Named Scholarships

  • Dr. John S. Absher
  • Gwendolyn Betson
  • Fred and IIa Mae Gill
  • Isaiah James
  • Ardeth Jamison
  • Michelle and Rodwell Pascascio
  • Cecil and Velina Petters
  • Kathleen T. Stanford
  • Nellie G. Tucker
  • Ulric E. J. Usher
  • Bernice M. Waight