Mathematics, Science, and Language Arts Summer Academy

About the Summer Academy

In 2006, PRI offered a Summer Academy for pre-university students, which was held in Dangriga, Belize. Consistent with PRI's mission, the program consisted of three courses covering mathematics, science, and language arts, and was designed to foster the transformation of Belize to a high-technology economy by developing the Belizean human capital in science and mathematics.

The Summer Academy promoted academics, career, and excellence. Students were trained in the mathematical and scientific modes of inquiry critical to real-world applications. We also educated students about career development and fostered qualities of excellence, particularly leadership, team work, time management, and responsible citizenship.

In addition, PRI instructors used technologies fundamental to the learning process and problem solving were used. Students were also taught poetry and conversational Spanish, French, and Arabic.

Summer Academy Materials

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PRI instructor Ms. Hannah Adnan taught Spanish, French, and Arabic